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We have lots of production equipment and inspection tools & facilities.

Some of main equipment we have for your reference:

1.Four-Spindle Lathe

2.Four-Spindle Automactic Lathe

3.Drilling Machine

4.Four-Axis Milling Machine

5.Cylindrical Grinding Machine

6.CNC turning Machine/CNC lathe

7.CNC machining Center

8.Four-axis Machining Center

Machining range:

1.Disc-shaped parts: Max 500MM range

2.Maximum machining length: within 1000mm range

3.Weight range:0.2KG-600KG range.

4.The smallest machining tolerance range:+/-0.01MM

Main Production Method:

1.Raw material -machining method

2.Forging -machining method

3.Castings-machining method