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Difference between turning center and machining center?
Mar 06, 2017

Main defferences between machining centers and turning centers are their machining methods.Machining centers(miller) can be applied to machine every surface of the workpieces.Usually rotation of the milling cutter is the main motion and part shift is the feed motion.They are designed  for not only cutting various plane,groove but also complex curve surface and gears.Machining centers adopt milling processes with milling cutter on the workpiece surface.This kind of machining centers has the advantages of high production rate.They can be applied to machine quite complex profile parts so that they are widely used in machinery manufacturing industry and repair department.Turning centers(lathe) are mainly used for cutting rotated workpieces with turning tool.Many other tools can also be used in the lathe corresponding to different machining processes.Their applications include :machining shaft,disk and other workpieces with rovolved surface.They are the most widely used machine  tools all over the world.The common place of the two kinds of machine tools are the control of cutting tool motion.They are both controlled by numeric data sent from numerical systems.