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surface treatment of machined parts
Jul 05, 2017

Machined parts is one of the important machinery manufacturing part,the normal use of machined parts is important role to machinery.We should attention more about surface treatment of machining parts.

6 kinds of surface treatment of machined parts.

1.Powder coating
machining parts processing is the use of electrostatic or powder attached on the surface, effectively prevent the corrosion of the deformation components appear.

Parts on the substrate with a layer of primer, paint in the painting process, each layer of paint, you need to feed the clean room of grilled and baked.

This method of surface treatment of machined parts in the production process is relatively common,The main advantage of the effect of electrolysis make metal or other material to increase a metal film on machining parts.This
can play a role in anti-corrosion, as well as for enhancing the hardness and wear resistance is very helpful, effective protection of the surface quality and precision machined parts.

The electrochemical oxidation of metals and alloys, electrolytic methods it is formed on the surface of the oxide film. This film can effectively change the surface condition and performance of machined parts.

For example:
a common surface shading, improve corrosion resistance, improved abrasion resistance and hardness, etc.

This surface treatment is a microporous permeable sealing process, mainly the sealed medium through natural infiltration, evacuated And pressurized air into micropore, will fill the gap, and then by natural cooling or temperature increase Heat and other methods.Sealing gap.

This surface treatment method mainly by air, compresses it into power, and then spray the abrasive surface of the parts to be treated, so that the surface of parts changes, due to the abrasive effect of the surface of the workpiece and the cutting force of the impact, the surface will have different cleanliness and roughness, so that the mechanical properties of the surface has been effectively improved.
Therefore, to improve the fatigue resistance of parts.