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How to remove burrs of precision machined parts
Oct 15, 2017

How to remove burrs of precision machined parts

Burr is the inevitable product of metal processing, it is difficult to completely avoid. Burr exists, not only affects the appearance of the product, but also affect product assembly, performance and life. With the development of high technology, improve product performance, product quality requirements more stringent, removing burrs of precision machined parts is more important.

7 way to remove burrs of precision machined parts as below:

1.Deburring machining technology
The use of the substance is a cutting tool or tools by cutting burr, to remove burr from the parts, and the chamfered edges give the entire surface to light.

2.Hand Deburring
Using a variety of tools, The workers grinding a variety of shapes blade according to different parts of the shape and burr, and removing cross-holes, contoured, inclined hole cavity and Burr at the various parts of the orifice.

3.Belt machine deburring technology
That is hand-held mode, automatic or inadvertent rotation and belt drive, etc., and to a certain pressure on the part abutting the fast-moving abrasive belt, so that the burr grinding out the parts of the outer surface, and make the parts get polished surface

4.Ultrasonic Deburring
When the ultrasonic abrasive suspension into the liquid, free abrasive obtained by ultrasonic impact energy on the workpiece surface is processed to obtain the desired size. When the free abrasive to high speed impact burr,it be removed from parts.Deburring ultrasonic power source is provided by ultrasonic means so little energy carried by the abrasive, so it can only remove tiny burrs.

5.Laser deburring technology
Is a use of Thermal deburring technology. Since the laser light having a high intensity, high energy density, highly focused, and good directivity. So when the laser light source emits a laser beam by optical means, focused to a very small spot, high temperatures can reach 10,000 degrees. With this concentrated light energy, the parts can be processed trimmed without affecting surrounding

6.Electrolytic magnetic abrasive finishing and deburring
Electrolytic magnetic abrasive is a new process to ECM and magnetic abrasive composites together, suitable for high strength, high hardness and high toughness and other difficult materials deburring and surface finishing.DC power supply connected to the anode of the workpiece, a cathode connected to the tool,Cathode align burr,By the pump flows through the cathode electrolyte anode burr site, then back to reflux tank, the workpiece rotate at a constant speed, while doing axial vibration.

7.Chemical deburring
Is a very convenient deburring process, large quantities, one deburring suitable for some textile accessories, auto parts, hydraulic parts, transmission parts, electronic components, etc.