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Color-coated sheet plant fastener selection
Aug 22, 2016

As a result of color-coated sheet roof and wall panels made of long life, so life fasteners should be consistent with the color-coated plate and accessories. In contrast, the share of fasteners in construction investment is small, poor selection of fasteners did not benefit, therefore, fastener selection important consideration is the long term performance of buildings and beautiful. A wide choice of color coated fasteners, there are all kinds of metallic material self-tapping and self-drilling type fasteners such as washers and carbon-free polymer materials to meet the plate fastening requirements. Fastening materials include carbon steel, 400 series and 300 series stainless steel and aluminum.

Special carbon steel fasteners such as nuts cast zinc alloy, nylon and 300 series stainless steel. Also according to roof fasteners manufacturer plate fastener and wall panels color paint.

There are cases of electroplating or mechanical zinc plating carbon steel fasteners or cadmium, but the coat is too thin (0.5mil), painted on the plate are not recommended.