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Decline in manufacturing industry in the United States fastener industry rare opportunity
Apr 22, 2017

The relevant data of the US Department of Commerce show that in the "advanced manufacturing flexibility" products, the United States last year and leading the industry in Japan, the EU and Switzerland has a trade deficit of $4 billion 100 million, more than doubled in 2003, although the decline in 2001 7 billion dollar deficit, but this decline is due to foreign equipment suppliers in the expansion of the United States, not the United States enterprises stage a comeback.

The data reflect a key issue - the U.S. manufacturing sector is rapidly declining. According to the German Federation of machinery and equipment manufacturers association, said U.S. companies are also losing market share in the country. In 1995, they met 81% of domestic plant equipment demand. By 2015, the proportion had dropped to 63%.

The decline of American manufacturing has created a problem for us president Trump, who wants the United States to expand manufacturing and reduce exports. He criticized the car, air conditioning and agricultural equipment manufacturers to shift production abroad, so the company responded that the U.S. factory to invest. However, the revival of American manufacturing will lead to the purchase of more equipment from foreign companies, because companies have no choice - this has led to a vicious cycle, so that the U.S. manufacturing industry has become more competitive.

Manufacturers are worried about the lack of automation suppliers in the United States, because tomorrow's digital, miniaturization and customized products are increasingly closely related to the innovation of the machines used to make them. In early 2012, former U.S. President Obama's Science Advisory Committee had submitted to him a copy of the advanced manufacturing industry report, the report pointed out that a fact: the United States in manufacturing innovation lags behind other rich countries.

What is even more brutal for the US is that China seeks to move beyond the global competition that relies only on cheap labour. China in German industrial 4 after the proposed "China manufacturing 2025" strategy, in order to achieve the purpose of leading China advanced manufacturing industry, one way is through active overseas mergers and acquisitions, such as home appliance manufacturers Midea Group acquired the company KUKA KUKA Germany last year, industry robot technology company is a global leader.

The United States is China frost and manufacturing industry further opportunities. In fact, in recent years, China's manufacturing industry has made considerable progress both in terms of scale and technology. Especially in a piece of machinery manufacturing, the domestic fastener good development trend that industrial production is no longer dependent on the use of imported brand parts, such as the fastening system Chinese meaning enterprises have their own production of fastener factory, technology is not inferior to the international brand, to stop all fasteners for industrial production the development of manufacturing industry to add enough horsepower to the country.

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