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Factors influencing the friction coefficient of fasteners
Aug 22, 2016

Fasteners of Assembly quality is directly related to product safety and reliability, and coefficient of friction is one of the important factors affecting the Assembly quality of fasteners. This paper focuses on the friction coefficient of fasteners to discuss the effect of the detection process, by test standards listed in the standards and test methods are comparative test on the friction coefficient of the product, affects the detection process to identify the truth value of the coefficient of friction factor of the product.

Threaded fasteners of the function, through the imposition of a certain torque, bolts on the corresponding preload (f) to ensure firm connection the connection is not loose, and removable for easy maintenance. Preload size is an important factor ensuring the quality of connection, in addition to using the main factors affecting preload tool and tightening methods is the coefficient of friction of the fastener itself. Friction coefficient has a clear physical meaning can be interpreted as a material constant when material and surface condition of the friction surfaces and the lubricating condition determined coefficient of friction also determined.