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New features of precision stamping parts market
Aug 22, 2016

With increasing degree of automation and industrial control of industry requirements become more stringent and precise, wiring slow-rising amount of precision stamping parts in Taicang. With the development of the electronics industry, wiring Taicang precision stamping parts used more and more, and also more and more.

Precision stamping parts wiring Taicang is used for a electrical connections Accessories products, divided into connectors on the industrial category. With the increasing degree of automation, innovation, change is prompting wiring Taicang precision stamping parts to explore emerging markets, providing specialized products.

Precision stamping parts analysis and includes two aspects: economic analysis of stamping parts; stamping process analysis.

(1) economic analysis of precision stamping parts according to drawing or sample, learn stamping requirements and functions, according to the stamping shape characteristics, size, precision, production volume and raw material performance, utilization of the analytical materials; simplified mould design and manufacturing; production and stamping feature adaptation; stamping process is economic.

(2) precision stamping process analysis based on product or prototype, stamping shapes, size, accuracy, material properties analysis, judging compliance with the stamping requirements; determine the ease of stamping to determine whether special measures need to be taken.