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On general problems of grinding to prevent fasteners
Aug 22, 2016

On general problems of grinding to prevent fasteners fasteners of toughness, high hot strength, abrasive grinding wheels with relatively large negative rake angle of cutting edge, grinding debris is not likely to be cut, cutting resistance, compression, friction dramatically. The grinding force per unit area is very large, ground temperature can be up to 1000 ¡æ ~1500 ¡æ. Meanwhile, in the presence of high temperature and high pressure, debris is generally more easy to glue on the wheel, filled the spaces between the particles, also makes the particles lose cutting action. Different types of fasteners, resulting in the wheel cases are not the same, such as grinding resistance to concentrated nitric acid and heat-resistant fasteners fasteners, glue, clogging than the 1Cr18NiTi serious and 1Cr13, 2Cr13 martensite fasteners is relatively light.

Fasteners of the small thermal conductivity, heat when grinding is not easy to export, the surface is easy to produce phenomena such as burns, annealing annealing layer depth can sometimes be up to 0.01~0.02 mm. Have a severe contraction in the grinding process, the grinding surface work-hardening, especially when grinding austenitic fasteners, as austenite is not stable after grinding is easy to produce martensite so serious of case-hardened.