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Punching causes of wrinkling and control
Aug 22, 2016

Wrinkle cause parts stamping scrapping, not only improves the manufacturing costs, and result in a waste of raw materials, requirements analysis, and control.

Its causes are:

1, pressure is not enough, the clearance of materials not suitable to appear "outside Risson tight" problem.

2, lubricating oil or brushing too much or too frequently, or improper brushing.

3, test blank too soft, material strength is low, the stock size is too small, suppressed material.

Measures to control the crease:

1, view the status of wrinkling, as wrinkles around the workpiece even when blank holder force should be judged as inadequate, and gradually increase the pressure can be eliminated. When the drawing of cones and dome,, should be used to increase draw bead to increase diameter tensile stress, to smooth out wrinkles. "Tight outside the loose" principle, to eliminate "Risson outside tight" problem.

2, for oil, should be carried out according to the guideline requires brush work, ensure correct position brush oil and brush oil to avoid wrinkling.