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Stamping die quality
Aug 22, 2016

In the stamping dies, in order to ensure the safe use of quality, we can be identified by a series of China standard networks according to the summary, tell method for stamping die quality testing all what?

1. Stone grinding

1), the first with a clean gauze will wipe the surface of the outer cover, then polished with stone (20x20x100mm or higher), circular and hard to reach places with relatively small stone grinding (for example: 8x100mm semi-circular stone).

2), asphalt-aggregate particle size selection depending on the surface condition (such as roughness, galvanizing, etc). Fine-grained stone is recommended. Stone grinding along the longitudinal direction and fit very well stamping surfaces, some special place can also add horizontal sanding.

2. touch test

Use clean gauze to wipe the surface of the outer cover. Inspectors need to wear touch gloves along the longitudinal close to stamping stamping surface touch, experience of this test depends on the test. Available stone polishing when necessary be ascertain and verify the suspicious areas, however, this method is an effective method of rapid testing.