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Stamping parts trimming die material causes and countermeasures
Aug 22, 2016

Stamping trimming and sequencing the mold, usually in the commissioning stage prone punch card with material phenomena, mainly due to:

Core-1, failed to pressure and return material: core force is not uniform, gap-oriented, stuck printing materials;

Core-2, after trimming back material is not enough;

3, after trimming the workpiece displacement within the core.

Trimming material improvements and preventive measures are as follows:

Solve the problem

1) for core force does not, core-oriented side of pressure as a result of conditions beyond the normal RMA stuck, adjustable slide with slide guide clearance.

2) spring configuration specification of location and replacement spring ensure that even by force.

3) core orientation: on the core Guide, primarily ensure that the blade of the core and die clearance, the General value of 0.5mm.

4) core itinerary: core stroke requires cutting edge shear forward core product is pre-compaction; before workpieces clamping workpieces caused by shear deformation, repairing edge tears, cards and so on. In front of the die exposed to stamping, core pre-compaction trip ≥ 10MM.