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Surface treatment method of automobile fastener
Sep 04, 2017

Surface treatment method of automobile fastener

The surface treatment of automobile fasteners mainly has the following ways.

A. non electrolytic coating for hot dip plating, plating, mechanical plating, Dacromet coating sintering (Dacro). B. electrodeposition into galvanized, zinc nickel alloy, zinc alloy etc..

C. phosphating treatment.

D. black treatment, etc..

The major defects are hydrogen absorption in the process of plating and phosphating, which results in hydrogen embrittlement. Investigation of domestic enterprises is still in the understanding of the surface protection for evaluation of the level of only using salt spray test for high strength threaded fasteners, control surface friction coefficient is a very important link. All process assembly parameters are developed on the basis of the specified friction factor range.

The investigated surface treatment plants are in accordance with different friction factors

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