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The advantage and function of Silica sol precision casting and investment casting tolerance range
Dec 17, 2016

Silica sol casting belongs to investment precision casting, and it is a kind of more advanced casting techniques.

Function:Silica sol casting is not only suitable for all types of alloy castings, and the size of castings is more accurate, surface quality is higher than that of the other casting methods, which can reach the first standard level.

Silica sol precision casting has advantages as follows:

1. Castings are smooth and clean with precise shape and size.

2. Avoiding the casting flaws and wastes resulted from core making and core setting.

3. Simplify the shaping technology to a great extent, thus avoiding the casting flaws and wastes resulted from delivering and mould assembly.

4. Simplify the sand preparing system and realize the full reuse of moulding sand without preparation and avoid the handling of the sand conditioning.

5. Make sand shake-out so easy that the workload and labor intensity is reduced.

6. The castings have no trimming and burr which reduces over 50% of the cleaning and polishing labor.

7. Reduce the internal defect of the castings.

8. Vacuum-assist pouring helps liquid metals fill mould and feed, thus increasing the density of the castings

Investment casting tolerance & parameter

Reference dimensional tolerance (Investment casting) Unit:mm.

Reference casting surface quality standard: Ra 6.3
Ref Min casting weight 10g
Ref Max casting weight: 25kgs