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The seventh India international stainless steel and equipment exhibition 2017
Apr 22, 2017

The seventh India international stainless steel and equipment exhibition 2017

Exhibition details

The seventh India international stainless steel and equipment exhibition 2017

Start time: 2017-07-07

End time: 2017-07-09

Country: India - local hotel reservation

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Center

2017 seventh India international stainless steel and Equipment Exhibition

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Zhongshan Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Exhibition Overview

The seventh India international stainless steel and equipment exhibition 2017

Time: July 7, 2017 -9 days

Exhibition period: once a year

Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Center, India


General agent in Asia: Zhongshan Exhibition Co., Ltd. Exhibition Exhibition for three consecutive years to lead Chinese enterprises!


The exhibition is stainless steel household goods production chain business in India is also the largest collection of the only exhibition, gathered here in India for 6000 stainless steel producers (products: kitchen utensils, cooking utensils, tableware, cutlery, pet products, kitchen utensils, tableware, pipe, tube, five gold utensils, coil, sheet etc.) Now India's manufacturers and importers are looking for good, fast & new polishing products, manufacturers of automation, mechanical polishing, if you are one of the world & Automation & polishing abrasive manufacturers, then you can maximize your products in this exhibition. Like India machinery and equipment manufacturers GRIND MASTER MACHINES PVT.LTD is also a perennial special installation enterprises. PNB, OK, sponsor of BRG, Bhalaria, SAM, BUTTERFLY and so on more than a dozen sponsors each session of the special installed appearance, to China accessories, equipment, professional exhibition platform manufacturers an excellent polishing.

India International Exhibition Indian Stainless Steel Houseware Show stainless steel is the largest in India and the South Asian professional household products, stainless steel, stainless steel equipment exhibition, organized by India's famous STEEL MARKET INFO company, once a year, has been successfully held 6 sessions, each has more than 1 thousand India stainless steel members to participate in the exhibition and the local department of India iron and steel Department of iron and Steel Co participants, collected from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Hongkong, Taiwan exhibitors, India is the most professional stainless steel products, machinery and equipment of the most important places in order, buyers are in India and other South Asian countries with big importers and wholesalers. In 2016, household products, stainless steel, metal machinery and equipment display at the same time, a total of about 500 companies participated in the exhibition area of 20000 square meters, professional buyers reached 60000 people, is the best Chinese enterprises to enter the India market trading platform.


This exhibition is about more than and 300 exhibitors, special equipment, mainly in the industry of professional communication, the number of buyers as many as more than 60 thousand people, India stainless steel minister attended the ribbon cutting ceremony, during the exhibition, India local import and Export Chamber of Commerce and Minister of the Federation of industry and commerce minister to the main booth inspection and at the STEEL MARKET INFO held in India stainless steel kitchen industry awards ceremony. Division I since its inception as a general agent in Asia, as a strategic partner of the general assembly, the group of Chinese exhibitors have achieved very good results, very confident in the India market.

[market analysis] India ---- knock on the south gate can not be missed the only way

India has a population of 1 billion 210 million, is the world's largest population of second people, an area of the world's seventh largest market potential. As one of the "BRICs", India's economy is developing rapidly, and it has been hailed as one of the two engines of economic development in China in the future.

(a) according to the famous American investment bank Goldman Sachs research shows that in 2014 India actual economic growth rate reached 6.8%, while the Chinese real economic growth in 6.7%, India's economic growth has slightly more than China, with China downtown pressure on the economy is more and more big, India will in the future economic development to catch up with the Chinese.

(two) India into the "modi era", focus on the development of the economy, Modi served during the highest ministers in Gujarat, the state 10.27% annual economic growth rate than the other provinces of India, will also lead to lead the overall rapid growth of economy in India, India to create a clean, efficient government functions, create more investment opportunities for economic development.

(three) the highest level visits between China and India in 2014 and 2015 to create a stable political environment and create favorable conditions for the economic and trade development between China and India

(four) India is an important part of the Silk Road in the south of China, is the largest trading partner of China in South Asia, and its economic and trade relations with China are getting closer and closer

(five) the current India is a bit like China in the year ahead of the year. It is developing rapidly, and most of the areas are heavily dependent on imported equipment. India's imports of products, from China's largest imports last year, $93 billion 630 million, the market share of 18.6%. Among them, the proportion of stainless steel products, power equipment and other products are relatively high. China's electrical products, stainless steel products are highly competitive in the local market. At the same time, India is in the subway and other infrastructure to be busy at putting up installations, construction of stainless steel pipe in great demand, last year, stainless steel enterprises, get a lot of orders.

Exhibition scope


- stainless steel production equipment: hydraulic transmission equipment, forming deep drawing, hydraulic machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, automatic packing machine, depth analyzer, spot welding machine, wire bending, metal machinery, mechanical fasteners, plastic

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