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Aluminum Parts With Hard Oxidation Surface Treatment
Jul 21, 2017

Hard Oxidation

The purpose of thick anodic hard oxidation is to make aluminium and aluminium alloys highly wear- and abrasion-resistant with a skin hardness of approximately 400/600 Vickers, according to the alloys and thicknesses used. As this treatment is not a material facing but an actual surface change to the corresponding aluminium oxide, the layer resulting from the process will develop approximately half way inwards and half way outwards and evenly extend to the whole part surface. Therefore, in the part design phase in particular, dimensional changes must be taken into account in connection with the required thickness to treat.

To be able to obtain hard oxidation, the minimum required thickness is 25-30 microns and the ideally required thickness is 45-50 microns according to the alloy used. Hard oxidation is a self-colouring treatment, the obtained colours range from grey to bronze and to anthracite black, according to the alloy and thickness used.

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