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How To Improve The Efficiency Of CNC Machining
Oct 23, 2017

How to improve the efficiency of CNC machining?

1. Reasonable Choice of Cutting Tools

For cutting tool is an important part,especially in the quality assurance process and enhance the processing
efficiency. With the CNC machining tool toward the high speed,high rigidity, high-power development,the high
requirement of machining tool is necessary.So in the choice of tool materials, generally need to select the machining of carbide cutting tools according to the situation, if able to do so, you can also choose to use the wear better, more stable performance of coated tools, cutting tools and cubic nitride ceramic cutting tools.

2.Fixture Clamping Application

Selection fixture clamping means direct impact on the work of installation time and measurement time,it’s also related to the accuracy of machined parts.So we should pay attention to the following.

2.1 Extend and improve the assembly of modular fixture and vacuum fixtures can effectively shorten the auxiliary time.
2.2 Improve positioning reference unity, reducing the number of work positioning and fixture.
2.3 For the fixture, we can also use computer-aided management system.

3.Reasonable Machining Programs

CNC machining operators not only to understanding the technical content,but also the need for programming skills and an understanding of the level of the machining process. A good program should be under the premise of quality assurance process, block least, the minimum cycle time of the machined parts.

4.Machine Maintenance

Machine maintenance is great help of improving equipment life and reduce the cost. Machine maintenance mainly in below three aspects.

4.1 Preventive Maintenance: Maintenance can guarantee the normal operation of this machine.
4.2 Malfunction Maintenance: Removing malfunction when a failure happened in processing.
4.3 Resume Normal Operation: Transform the old CNC machine tools,enhance efficiency in the use of equipment.

5. A Process Innovation

With advances in technology, technology is constantly evolving methods.Therefore, machining manufacturers should strengthen innovative training in process technology innovation, improve the efficiency of CNC machining processing.