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Chinese Market Favored By Countries, Fastener Products The Influx
Aug 22, 2016

China is tight firmware production powers, national existing greatly small of tight firmware enterprise more than 7,000 more than, 2007 of tight firmware production reached has 5.25 million tons, accounted for global tight firmware production of one-fourth strong, production has continuous years stability home global first, but currently China production of tight firmware most for low strength, and low grade products, which 8.8 level following general low-grade standard tight firmware about accounted for 45%-50%.

However, the fastener as time goes by more and more fierce competition in the market, many foreign companies to enter China's market, and landed at our roots, using cheap labor in China, production of its brand-name products for higher profits. Under this kind of pressure, how can they make their products are not being suppressed, and is better for many enterprises in the development of thinking big.