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CNC Turned Parts : What Industries Use CNC
Apr 30, 2017

Below is a look at just a few of the industries that rely on CNC. With the passing of time, CNC turning and milling machines are becoming smaller. They are producing micro parts that are precision engineered to far higher qualities and standards than just a few decades ago.

CNC Turned Parts in the Electrical Industry

The electrical industry is a fine example of where you will find CNC turned and milled parts. Pins and sockets, connectors and fuse blogs are all made by CNC. They are made using CNC lathes to ensure the greatest level of precision, using brass and copper that is plated to meet the specific needs of the customer. Take apart a plug socket in the home. You will be met by shiny brass pieces that are keeping your connections and wires in place. These brass plates have minute holes in them that allow the ends of the wire to be kept in contact with the metal. Each of these holes is exactly the same size, having been made to precision by CNC machines.

Fluid Power Industry

Although not in your home, you will find CNC parts in the fluid power industry. These may include pneumatic parts or hydraulic parts. Something as simple as a grub screw has been manufactured by CNC, something as complex as a block of piston bodies too. Parts for the fluid power industry are normally made from alloys of stainless steels, aluminium, and brass.


All fasteners are machine made. They can be made in virtually any shape or form by CNC machines, and from alloys or plastic. Fasteners produced by CNC turning and milling in the UK must meet ISO standards, all parts manufactured here at Cam Machine being subject to rigourous ISO standard checks. Fasteners are used in the security industry, the automotive industry, and many other industries around the globe.


Thermocouples are generally made from stainless steel. Turned and milled by CNC lathes, these parts are once again made to the very highest levels of precision.

CNC Turned Parts for the Power Industry

The power industry relies heavily on CNC turned parts. There are also many different power industries where you will find CNC parts. These include the military, aviation, and stand by industry. Made from tin plated brass, these parts can be as simple as a standard nut and washer or as complex as a highly precision engineered part for the aerospace industry.

Asides these industries, there are dozens more industries that use CNC turned and milled parts. These include the oil and glass industry, the white goods, and animation industry. Parts can be made from not just metals and alloys but from nylon, plastic, acetal, and PVC.