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Come To Understand The Stamping Process Knowledge
Jul 22, 2017

Come to understand the stamping process knowledge

Stamping processing is to produce plastic deformation or separation force through the press and die of cold and hot plate and strip, thus forming the desired shape and size (Stamping) shaping processing method.

In the world's steel, 60% to 70% of the sheet metal, mainly through the stamping process to become finished products. Stamping processing is widely used, from the car body, chassis, fuel tank to the container shell, motor, electrical iron core, silicon steel sheet and so on are common. A large number of stamping parts also exist in office machinery, instruments and meters, bicycles, household utensils and other products.

Compared with forgings and castings, the feature of stamping parts is thin, uniform, light and strong. A piece of work with a stiffening, ribbed, undulating, or flanging that can be produced by other methods that is difficult to produce. Because of the use of precision molds, stamping parts, precision can reach micron level, at the same time, in the repeatability of high precision, consistent specifications, can punch out of the hole, lug and so on.

Cold stamping parts usually do not need to be machined by cutting or only by a small amount of cutting. In the accuracy and surface state, the hot stamping is lower than the cold stamping parts, but it is still better than the casting and forgings, and requires less cutting.

The use of stamping compound die, especially the multi position progressive die, can be said to be a highly efficient production method, can realize the multi-channel stamping process in a press, completed by the belt uncoiling, leveling, punching, forming and finishing automatic production. At the same time, the stamping process is highly productive and can produce hundreds of parts per minute.

According to the general classification of the process, stamping processing is generally divided into separation process and forming process of two major categories, usually a variety of processes, integrated application to a stamping workpiece. The separation process, also called blanking, is used to separate the stamping parts from the sheet material along a certain contour line and to ensure the quality requirements of the separation section. The forming process is to allow the sheet metal to be plastically deformed without breaking the billet, forming the desired shape and size of the workpiece. The main stamping processes include bending, blanking, bulging, shearing, spinning, drawing, straightening and so on.

The precision and structure of the die have a direct influence on the forming and precision of the stamping process. Therefore, the key factor affecting the cost and quality of stamping parts is the manufacturing cost and life of the die itself. The more time required for mold design and manufacturing, the longer the time required for the production of new stampings.

The internal properties and surface of sheet metal used in stamping process have a great influence on the quality of stamping products. In the production practice, we generally through process test and similar stamping process to ensure product quality and high qualification rate, such as drawing bulging performance test, performance test to test the stamping properties of materials.

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