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Development Hardware Fastener Industry Level
Aug 22, 2016

With the acceleration of economic development, more and more rapid development of China's fastener, throughout our markets now all of our fasteners in steel equipment industry can say one-fifth. And now we look at the development of the industry's fastest, that according to the statistics we accounted for half of u-bolts.

Handan, and our relevant departments according to the existing u-shaped bolt fasteners now for us industry to operate more aggressively invested funds in the "Spring Breeze" on our fastener industry under this class of "hitchhiking" positive efforts to pull big fastener demand in a market economy. Our fastener industry in this "Spring Breeze" thrives. And this time of growth for our fastener product will open their doors lead back onto the international stage in our standard parts industry. Experienced in previous years of anti-dumping "suppressing" fastener industry in our country is going downhill obviously this situation allows us to trust our industry the first industry-led economic crisis swept the market economy allows us financial markets suffered some effects.