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Fastener Enterprises Should Fully Utilize The Advantage Of More New Opportunities
Aug 22, 2016

Mall China's fastener industry adhering to the advantage of many years of professional information services, on multiple platforms, across the region, deeper information service system, China's fastener industry suppliers, enterprise-oriented industry buyers and users, providing comprehensive business information, professional services, interactive communication bridge for buyers and sellers, creating the global fastener industry's e-commerce platform.

Monitoring and early warning, on the basis of full, according to changes in trade related institutions with tariffs, rates, quotas and other means of China fastener exports, product structure, time and general guidance. Against the Chinese fastener exports trade situation and changes, need to establish national fastener products import and export monitoring and early-warning systems, grasp the situation, identify problems and make actionable recommendations, provide the basis for scientific decision-making departments.

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