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Metal Stamping Parts To Become A New Generation Of Black Horse
Aug 22, 2016

Metal stamping is widely used in all areas of our lives, including some electronic components, auto parts, decoration material, and so on. We usually said of hardware stamping pieces General is refers to of is cold stamping parts, lift a example, a iron, wants to put it into a fast food disc, that on have first design a mold, mold of face is plate of shape, with mold pressure this iron, on into you wants to of plate has, this is cold stamping, is directly with mold on hardware material for stamping.

Metal stamping parts including blanking, bending, deep drawing, forming, and finishing processes. Metal stamping material is hot-rolled or cold-rolled (dominated by cold rolling) strip of metal materials, such as carbon steel plate and alloy steel plate, spring steel sheet, galvanized steel sheet, Tin plate, stainless steel, copper and copper alloy plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, and so on.