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Mixing Method For Metalworking Fluids
Sep 04, 2017

Mixing method for metalworking fluids

Water soluble metalworking fluids should be used with mixing, and can not be mixed emulsion for too long. Although mixed water soluble metal processing is a direct process, some simple rules should be observed. First, the oil should be poured into the water filled barrel, and no water can be poured into the tank filled with oil. If it is hard water, you must add softening chemicals before adding oil. Secondly, the amount of water soluble oil is first calculated, then gradually added to the water, when added, keep stirring until all is poured into the water. From start to finish, the correct mixing technique is to flip up and down, not spin. When using a flat paddle to stir a small amount of liquid, stirring at a slower rate is more appropriate. Because of a drastic reversal, the emulsion is unstable, so it must be mixed slowly.

Remember: water soluble metal processing fluids must be added to the water. Water must not be added to water soluble metal processing fluids.

Used as a water soluble cutting fluid. The hardness of the water has a certain standard, measuring the number of inorganic salt can dissolve in water, which is a kind of inorganic salt and soap scum, the reaction of inorganic salt and water soluble metal working fluid reaction resulting in emulsifier decomposition, until the metal working fluid loss of lubrication. Therefore, water with higher hardness can not be used as water-soluble metalworking fluids. The ideal state is to prepare water-soluble metalworking fluids with soft water. It is reported that modern water-soluble metalworking fluids were designed to mix with moderate hard water.

Hard water (water containing ions more than 150 * 10-6), can be added in hard water softener, this method is: water soluble liquid metal processing oil before adding, first adding 100g per kilogram of soda (sodium carbonate) per kilogram or add 300g general soda (sodium carbonate containing 10 water molecules) mixed water. Mixing treatment for an hour, and then precipitate the precipitation, the water above the solution gently poured out, used as a mixed water-soluble processing fluid.

The best way to soften hard water is to install water softening equipment.

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