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QC In The Production Of Stamping Parts
Aug 22, 2016

Stamping is located in the head of the automobile manufacturing process, stamping parts as a basis for quality assurance of car body, which is directly related to the quality of the pros and cons of the whole car, its importance is obvious. Its quality by:

1, material inspection

Material quality control material receiving inspection and cleaning before and after inspection of the material as well as material production check. Objective is to confirm the quality of materials to meet the production requirements.

First part 1 of 2, order checks

Stamping first determines the quality of batches of parts and the first part 1 sequence checking is an important part of first article inspection. Specific way to see if the workpiece has marked deformation, cracks, folds, and other negative phenomena.

3, online zone checking

Stamping 100% check mainly realized by the partition check, including Visual, tools to implement.

4, first part, middleware, tail extract checked

First, middleware, take checks, you can achieve better quality control.