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Railway Construction This Year Will Invest 800 Billion In The Fastener Industry
Aug 22, 2016

In recently held of railway construction project of early work consultations Conference Shang, by national development reform Board Deputy Director Hu Zucai said, first half of of railway construction and project early work general progress smooth, but this year railway construction still to keep 800 billion yuan above investment scale, to in promoting starts, and insurance building two Shang effort, further enhanced speed up early of work urgency and sense, ensure this year September end of Qian all reply 45 a new starts of project can Institute; strengthening communication consultations, improve early of efficiency and quality, Railway good build environment to ensure on time completion of the railway construction tasks.

"The first half of our economy as a whole to a good smooth, steady economic growth at a reasonable interval to run. "Hu Zucai, said accelerating the early phase of railway projects, promoting projects begin construction as early as possible, not only is the requirement of completion of railway construction this year, it is implementing the requirements of supply side structural reform and increase effective supply of important initiatives.