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Ultrasonic Machining Advantages And Disadvantages
Feb 21, 2017

Ultrasonic Machining Advantages and Disadvantages

Get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of machining process in order to make the right decision:


Machined all sorts of hard materials

Produces fine finished and structured results

Produces less heat

Various hole cut shapes due to vibratory motion of the tool  


Requires a higher degree of integrity and skills

No certified record of radiography

Unnecessary large grain sizes causes defects

Additional repairs might be required due to spurious signs and misunderstanding of the process

Ultrasonic machines are the future of machining which is used all over the world for creating hard and brittle forms of materials for the industrial uses.

A lot of operations can be performed with the ultrasonic machine which can benefit the industrialists in a variety of ways. 

The advanced technology creates solution which helps in opening up the market opportunities and has made things easier.